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What's next for CarbonX? 

Blockchain and Decentralisation

Our Goal

Accelerate commercialisation of new Climate tech to help in the fight against Climate Change.


How will we work towards this goal?

2021-22 Roadmap

2022 Q2

Begin Transition into Energy Sector. Introduce Townhall.

2021 Q4

CarbonX Launch.

2022 Q4

CarbonX Capital is coming soon.

CarbonX DAO

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. We want to decentralize the ownership of workflows so that dedicated community members can be a part of the creation process. Outside contributors can start having a say on how users are being onboarded into crypto through the existing infrastructure that CarbonX will build. These individuals are called Pioneers.
This helps achieve a few things:
  • Pioneers can take more ownership over the work they are doing.
  • The number of bounties completed will increase because they are determined by the needs of the community and the skills and insights of the Pioneers.
  • It provides a good experiment for a future DAO by introducing more novel reward mechanisms, where community members who work with one another determine compensation in a decentralized way.

CarbonX Tokens

We will slowly introduce the fractional ownership and discount token concept to our clients and users. These tokens will be earned through both investments and advocacy.

Why Blockchain?

Fraud Prevention

Every single transaction is recorded on an open-source ledger. The blockchain is also monitored and validated every day giving the blockchain plenty of oversight.


Blockchain is not controlled by any one organization be it government, bank, or central bank, this makes the blockchain much easier to work as a decentralized system.

Faster Transactions

Transactions can be made from person to person. Efficiency is increased while being quicker than most forms of traditional finances.

Any Questions?

We are happy to consult you and answer your questions.

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