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Saving The Planet One Project At A Time

Climate change is a money problem, a mindset problem and, a coordination problem. We are planning to change that.

Our Mission

To provide accessible, transparent funding from a decentralized network creating change for climate action in underfunded possible solutions.

By accelerating crowdsourced climate funding, we can promote human progress in areas of key concern such as
climate change, global health, and human development.

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Our Products

Green Investments

We vet green startups looking to fundraise and connect them with institutional/corporate investors. Corporations spend less time researching while we handle all the initial communication between corporate and the startups, allowing them to do what they do best - saving the planet.

Green Projects

Through careful evaluation of sustainable projects, we have a marketplace of startups looking to move their green products. We help them through approaching our network of institutional/ corporate clients and offer the service and products provided by these startups at a discount.

ESG Education

We offer a range of ESG courses of different complexity and duration, through our partnership with Xccelerate. Our courses are delivered online by experienced instructors.

Our Partners

CarbonX Global Whitepaper

Accelerating Green Technology Commercialisation fighting Climate Change

Ready to kickstart your journey with us?

We are happy to consult you and answer your questions.

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