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We help you make an impact,
We help you finance your green project.

Changing how climate projects are financed and taken to commercialization.

How we help your startup

Our team thoroughly vets each startup we work with.
The initial first step is making contact for an initial online meeting.
Even though each case is different, below is the general outline of our engagement.
We understand how your business works,
identifying environmental benefits
associated with the product/service over
competitors in the market.
We help you fundraise,
connecting you with Corporate and Individual Investors, continuing to consult you on the business model.
 We increase your sales, 
 placing your business on our Projects list and connecting you with potential clients from our partnership database. 
How we help

Explore CarbonX Global

We offer range of solutions to Startups, Investors & Learners.

We are more than your average sustainability consultant

Human-centric service

We personally consult you on every stage of your fundraising/sales journey

Full-stack solution

We thoroughly evaluate each case and develop tailored solutions to meet your goals

Extensive ecosystem

Our ecosystem includes Green Projects, Investors solutions and ESG Education

Mission-driven team

Our team consists of experienced professionals passionate about Environment

Result-based fee system

We only charge you a fee, if we helped you achieve your goals

Our partners are changing the world

We help you sell and bring awareness to green projects, connecting with like-minded individuals that care about the planet.
See whats happening

What our partners say

See what's happening

We host educational events to help you learn about ESG.

Ready to kickstart your journey with us?

We are happy to consult you and answer your questions.

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